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16:49 - 08/01/2012

First buy in 2012:

The delicious little Céline Trio purse!


It’s so neat and organized with it’s three seperated compartments, and you can even unattach them and use them separately as a clutch.
Also, it’s such a nice addition to my bag-collection which only consists of black and brown shades. Loving the bright orange/red colour!


02:39 - 07/01/2012

Hey guys!

Here’s a new contest where you can win the new PRADA smartphone and a subscription on ELLE magazine! Some of you will also get an invitation to the PRADA launch party the 19th of january.
I’m one of four bloggers, who are competing for a trip to Milan. So, the one of us with the most creative readers wins! So.. bring your best :-)

There are three rounds in this WINTER TALES-themed contest. First one up is STYLING.
To participate e-mail me a winter outfit you think looks great. The best picture from the three rounds will in the end compete for the PRADA phone.
Send as many pictures as you like (of yourself or of someone else if it’s ok by them) to and mark the subject with PRADA Contest.
Hope you’ll participate! Good luck!


11:30 - 05/01/2012

And I’m back in Oslo again!
..Here’s what I wore yesterday when we visited Louvre.
Paris pics coming up later :)

Purse, Céline
Coat, Weekday
Skirt, H&M


23:31 - 02/01/2012

Shopping. Céline. New purse. Ah!



22:28 - 01/01/2012

a quick snap of todays outfit.

walked through the streets of paris wearing a pink on pink!


shirt, vintage

coat, weekday

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