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11:37 - 03/04/2012


1 Flats by Établissements
2 Transparent boots by Margiela
3 Boots by Margiela
4 Transparent pumps by Marc Jacobs

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maria- 4 April, 2012 at 17:24
steffi- 3 April, 2012 at 20:48
the transparent shoes are amazing! the purest form of a shoe. just simple and perfect!
jenaly- 3 April, 2012 at 19:27
love these shoes!!
Maria / Vanillascented- 3 April, 2012 at 17:47
dreamy: hehe, no, all of the pics are taken from ;)
dreamy- 3 April, 2012 at 15:27
These are all yours?! Amazing. You must have the best shoe collection going.
La Vie Quotidienne- 3 April, 2012 at 12:16
Great selection! Beautiful and great personality! The first flats and transparent boots are totally amazing! Thank to show original and different pieces! xoxo from München La Vie Quotidienne
MONI- 3 April, 2012 at 12:08
we can see your toes nowww...
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