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22:07 - 30/11/2012

Photographer Alessandro Dal Buoni
for Amica Italy September 2009
Siden jeg har foto som valgfag blir jeg tvunget til å gjøre research på fotografer. Det er bra!
Jeg vet jo om de mest kjente, men må innrømme at jeg ikke har så veldig peiling. Her om dagen fant jeg Alessandro Dal Buoni, og fant flere editorials og bilder som jeg har likt og sett tidligere.
Han sier selv at stilen hans er “poetic, pure and subtle”.
Han kan gjerne ta bilder av mine klær en dag.

23:45 - 29/11/2012

Garment 2 of 10: Boxy, stiff, short jacket

- Crocodile-texture (love!)
- Asymmetric
- No closure. Was going to have a zipper, but I couldn’t find any that I liked.. So that solved it – no zipper.
But who closes their leather jacket anyway? I never hah.

Here’s a picture where you can see the texture – the other pics turned out really bad! But you get the feel of it.

Paired up with this jacket, I will make a highwaisted pencil skirt and I’m thinking a simple top underneath in the same crocodile fabric.

08:12 - 29/11/2012

- Went to the Metropolitan Museum with my class. It’s like the 4th time I’ve been there  this semester.

- Kicked it with Karoline at MoMa.
I <3 MoMa.
Aah, it was so nice to finally get to go to a museum without having to write a school paper about it.

- Finished garment nr 2 for my collection yo.
I’m sewing like crazy these days. I’ll show you soon!

09:56 - 26/11/2012

Is it interesting for you guys if I post things that I do at school (other than the garments I’ve sewn)? Or is it boring?
We’ll try it once in a while! I bet some of you read my blog because you’re curios about Parsons, or about going to a fashion school in general :)
But, hey I’ll do an outfit post soon.
You’ve seen these sketches before, but yeah, this is a project we started on a while ago in our visual communication, digital class. In these classes we learn basically everything you need to know about illustrator and photoshop. Our projects are about making presentations like this, and then we just take it from there. I love playing around in photoshop so I like this class a lot!
For the project shown, the theme was to make prints: plaids, stripes, and a motif for our collection. I’m not a big fan of prints so eh, they’re not all that. But it’s more about the overall layout etc. so in that case I’m satisfied!

11:55 - 24/11/2012

Today’s imaginary outfit, yes!
A good leather jacket is so hard to find, but when I saw this on a girl in real life I had to ask her where it was from. Answer: Phillip Lim.
This is still a goodie, the cat hat from Givenchy Fall 11. Meow.
Paired up with shoes by Proenza Schouler.
And I have to put in nice basic knit by Baserange.
PS. Thank you for the comments on the last post. You guys are total sweethearts :)♥
TAKK, digger dere!

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