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20:15 - 13/11/2012


Haven’t had the time to take any outfits pictures lately – so, here’s one from earlier this year that I never posted.

I love this amish-looking skirt, although it’s really not that flattering.. vintage,

and bag from wang!

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Aliya- 17 November, 2012 at 18:57
Oh I LOVE that skirt, and I hate when it's vintage and I can't acquire it...That length has been on my wishlist for awhile now... - Aliya :)
sara- 17 November, 2012 at 15:37
åh helt perfekt!
Maria / Vanillascented- 17 November, 2012 at 09:07
Millie: Oh, thank you :) Ah, sorry I don't know any specific website for that, unfortunately.. I would just end up googling it myself :/
Millie- 15 November, 2012 at 23:39
You look gorgeous in anything :) I know you love Maison Martin Margiela and taught that if anyone knows you probably do... where I can find pictures of his collection from spring summer 1992? I've been googling but no luck...
Steffi- 15 November, 2012 at 13:22
very beautiful! simple, clean and perfect. i really like the skirt, it looks simultaneously casual and chic. a fantastic outfit.
Maria / Vanillascented- 15 November, 2012 at 04:01
Dere er fine! li: Takk :) Grønne nikes? Du mener ikke de knallgule her ? :)
Eilen- 15 November, 2012 at 01:22
Du ser jo nydelig ut i alt da!
li- 15 November, 2012 at 00:09
Hej Maria! Jag har kikat på din blogg i över en timme nu, fina och inspirerande bilder =) Såg ett par nike air på en vän till dig som var gröna, men jag hittar inte vilken sida det var på längre, och färgerna på skorna var så fina, vet du möjligtvis vilken kategori eller till och med vad rubriken till inlägget heter? =) Hade varit supersnällt! Hoppas du har det bra i NY =)
Inger-Johanne- 14 November, 2012 at 23:47
Jeg syns du ser helt fantastisk ut! Og absolutt flatterende! Ikke mange kropper som kunne sett bra ut i dette skjørtet, men du gjør! Så fint!
Isabel- 14 November, 2012 at 22:49
Very cute and fashion!
Ania- 14 November, 2012 at 19:56
I love your bag and shoes ! very nice kind of leather xx
Amber- 14 November, 2012 at 13:50
Love it! A great example of mixing vintage with new pieces and making it work!
Marjolein- 14 November, 2012 at 13:33
Lovely bag! Bises, Marjolein
Yuna Soon (YunaPicsDelight)- 14 November, 2012 at 11:17
I have to write it again and again: I love your sense of style!!! I love the simple but graceful look, that`s the reason why I love danish & scandinavian fashion! And I love Jil Sander! And you always looks gorgeous, my dear! Yuna
vasilieva- 14 November, 2012 at 00:27
major obsession with that wang bag
Nena- 13 November, 2012 at 23:22
Kai- 13 November, 2012 at 22:42
(correction) "...create a greater distance between..."etc
Kai- 13 November, 2012 at 22:31
I think it is great. Perhaps a pair of heels to visually great a greater distance between the end of the skirt and the floor (perhaps). Mid length skirts always tend to throw off the proportion of anyone under 183cm
Karolina- 13 November, 2012 at 22:09
this is so fab! xoxo from rome K.
Liz- 13 November, 2012 at 22:01
love that bag!!