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23:00 - 08/11/2012

I går snødde det i New York for første gang!
Og wow, det snødde i massevis, det snødde sidelengs, vinden var hard og det var kaldt og vått.
Ikke så behagelig altså! Jeg frøs selvom jeg hadde på flere lag med klær.

Og apropos lag-på-lag med klær.
Pologenseren er veldig fin til det.
Jeg har også kjøpt meg strikkevesten ovenfor i lammeull, og nå har jeg lyst på fler!

Tenker at vesten er litt undervurdert, og blir vel for det meste brukt av farfar og i skoleuniformer. (Ja jeg ser veldig skoleflink ut her med skjorte under, men når det var varmere brukte jeg den med sorte jeans og sorte ankelboots og da ble vesten egentlig litt kul).
Men, det jeg skulle frem til er at vesten er praktisk fordi den gir et ekstra lag med varme uten at det blir trangt under jakka (et lite “problem” jeg har når jeg vil bruke de deilige store strikkegenserne mine 8-).


Time to start layering! 
The turtleneck and a knitted vest is perfect for that.

22:30 - 07/11/2012

Dere vet allerede at COS åpner i Oslo – men jeg vil også lage et innlegg om det.

Alt dette burde være i garderoben min :)

COS is opening a store in Norway this spring – yay, we’ve been wanting so long for this.
First stop when I  get home during vacation! 

14:43 - 06/11/2012

Yes to everything.
Lynn Amelie Rage shot by Paolo Zerbini
Used Magazine 

12:23 - 05/11/2012

For the Q&A, one of you asked if I could mention my favourite purchases.
I did it a bit different, but yeah, here goes:

I have more jackets than I have of any other things.. I feel like they make the whole outfit, because most of the time I’ll wear black jeans and maybe a white shirt. So.. more jackets!
My favourites are more classic
I. A beige oversized men’s trenchcoat, Vintage.
II. Beige wool coat, ACNE Pre-Fall 2011.
III. Long black jacket, Weekday.
This is the jacket that I wear the most! It’s black, it’s as simple as it can get, love the length and it’s perfect for spring/summer/fall.

I don’t have any fancy tops, and I’m not that into prints.
What I do have, and LOVE is a good white t-shirt!
My closet has a selection of white, grey and black t’s/tanktops in different shades and material. I think it’s worth spending a bit extra cash on this.

I. Rectangular shoulder bag from Maison Martin Margiela
II. Pouch from Comme des Garcons.
Everyone should have something similar to this! Hehe. It’s so handy. I use it as a clutch, or to store small things in a bigger bag, or like, right now I use it as a pencil case.
III. Tote from Maison Martin Margiela.
I love this (and I don’t usually like things in brown leather, I always go for black, but this one..:). Plus for perfect size, the organized pockets inside and the thick yummy leather!
IV. Jil Sander.
I’m still searching for the perfect everyday-bag in a small and medium size though!

White pants from Whyred (picture), some black wide pants from Jil Sander,
and of course, black skinny jeans. My favourite jeans are from Acne.

I couldn’t find any good outfit pictures of me wearing black jeans. Weird, because I wear it aaall the time.
*A reminder to myself that I should take outfit photos more often.
*Another reminder: I want to find a pair of grey “men’s suit” kind of look, trousers. Black ones too actually.

I don’t have that many sweaters and it’s almost the same with sweaters as with my t-shirts. Black and white, in different fits, and I’m happy.
(Except for knitwear, when it comes to knitted sweaters I can have them in almost every colour!)
I. Sweater-dress from Acne.
This is such a good buy! Probably the most comfortable too.
II. Turtlenecks.
I love turtlenecks. I have a black, white, navy and gray one. They’re from H&M. I haven’t really looked for it in other places, so yeah.
+ Normal sweaters. Like.. straight cut, plain colour yeah. And, still searching for a perfect grey college sweater.

Shirts ♥ White shirts and men’s shirts ♥ Can’t get enough!
I prefer them oversized and with rolled up sleeves.
(Picture) I have this from COS. I really like the collar on this one.

I’m missing some more, but here’s a selection.
I. Necklace from Etsy, thin rings from Line&Jo, both bracelets are Vintage, the big ring is from Margiela.
II. Vintage necklace, bracelet from margiela, ring ?.

I’m not a dress person really.. I have a few in my closet but. Yaaah, I don’t like to be girly, and I feel like most dresses are too girly for my taste. (On the other hand, I like girly lace-dresses though).

I do like dresses that are straight and short with long sleeves. Like minimal, but sexy, if you get what I’m saying. Or just straight and black/white, hehe.
(Picture) This dress is very me. It’s super-simple.. but I like the straps and the raw hem. From Damir Doma.

Two random outfits (that looks almost exactly the same) where I am wearing some of my fav’s.
I. Canada scarf from Acne, the margiela bag, the weekday jacket, and oxford shoes from Ettore Adriano.
II. The raya cardigan from Acne, a vintage washed silk shirts, the margiela bag again and the Track boots from Acne.

White. Leather. Highwaisted. Favourite!
It’s vintage.
..And I think the long tweed skirt I bought last week will fall into my favourite-category as well!

I’m pretty satisfied with my shoe collection!
The only thing missing is the perfect pair of black pumps, but I have no rush finding them yet :)
I. Black patent oxfords, Ettore Adriano.
II. Boots “Track”, Acne.
This is probably the item that has been on my blog the most. Yup, you’ve seen them over and over again because I wear them everyday! Unfortunately they stopped producing them, and mine are pretty worn out now.. Need to find a replacement soon.
III. White shoes, Margiela.

12:12 - 04/11/2012

My latest sketch
(Taken with a cellphone camera)
Next year I want to do men’s fashion, and ah, I can’t wait!
There are so many things about menswear (and the way  certain guys thinks/shops) that interests me.
I rarely draw men though, so I figured I could might as well start practicing now!

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