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12:49 - 18/08/2013

Seneste prosjekt som jeg sydde sammen her om dagen:
En enkel og anvendelig grå kåpe som blir perfekt til høsten.
Gleder meg til å ta den i bruk!

Minimal, collarless, loose fit, ankle-length coat.
- Raglan sleeves, slightly shorter length
- Slit pockets in side seams
- No closure (or) Ties around the waist with removable belt
- Un lined
- 80% Wool 20% Polyester
I’m excited to wear my new jacket that I just made, it’ll be perfect for fall.
I will show you better (and full-length)pictures of it soon!

07:06 - 19/05/2013

Denne uken her har vært utrolig travel med flere presentasjoner og eksamener.
Den siste og viktigste presentasjonen vår er på mandag, og vi har derfor hatt en photoshoot i helgen med klærne vi har laget.
..Synes bakgrunnen var utrolig fin, og spesielt med den tykke trestammen som tilførte en bit av naturen uten at det ble for grønt.
The semester is coming to an end, and this weekend we had a photoshoot with our dresses. Here’s one of the shots we took. I love this half-painted concrete wall, and I also think the tall tree stem gives it a nice touch of something natural without being too “green”.
Xinyi wearing my design.

08:50 - 08/04/2013

Right now we’re working on the group project, which is going to turn into a dress as a final result.
As I was sketching / finding fabrics I wanted to use, I came up with an idea, and suddenly wanted to make something right away with that fabric to get a feel of it. So, here’s a top!
- Double-faced wool/cashmere
- Silk gazar
- Raw hems

And, these pictures have nothing to do about the functionality withing the garment – I just really like how the strap shapes while hanging on a hanger.
Hm :)

Top By Me
Shoes Zara

19:37 - 22/03/2013

Just finished my pants project.

- Cashmere/wool blend
- Highwaisted, ankle-length, tapered
- Hidden sidepockets
- Floor length panel overlapping on the left, mid-thigh length panel on the right
Alright, spring break!

09:26 - 11/03/2013

Here’s my humble little collection :)
You’ve seen most of it already but I changed the styling a bit, and decided to add the lightblue dress.

Fusion fashion show was this weekend.We had 5 shows in total, and we were 30 designers. Parsons against FIT.
Sunday night was the final show with the judges… And O M G you guys,
I won the title as the best designer from Parsons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so grateful ♥

photo: Ryan Duffin

I’ll post a link with the other designers’ collections later so you can check them out as well!

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