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08:50 - 08/04/2013

Right now we’re working on the group project, which is going to turn into a dress as a final result.
As I was sketching / finding fabrics I wanted to use, I came up with an idea, and suddenly wanted to make something right away with that fabric to get a feel of it. So, here’s a top!
- Double-faced wool/cashmere
- Silk gazar
- Raw hems

And, these pictures have nothing to do about the functionality withing the garment – I just really like how the strap shapes while hanging on a hanger.
Hm :)

Top By Me
Shoes Zara

18:46 - 29/03/2013

Always casual, errrday
Jacket Made by me
Shoes Alexander Wang
Bag Maison Martin Margiela
Jeans H&M Mens section

18:17 - 24/03/2013

Went to the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx yesterday.
Recommend going there!, but if you can, wait ’til may(summer) when all the flowers outside has started to bloom :) The place is huge, and we only saw like 1/20 of it because there was no point in hanging out outside yet. Still, the greenhouse was beautiful and worth the visit.
Linen jacket Made by me
Necklace eBay
Sneakers Reebok
Bag Alexander Wang

09:14 - 22/03/2013

Cardigan Acne
Bag Margiela
Dress Made by me
I. It’s spring break! but it’s not spring.. Uhh, I don’t want to wear my boring parka anymore, so instead I layer with wool on wool on wool.
II. I’ve showed you very little of my school work so far this semester, because I’m not satisfied with much of it.
After spring break I’m gonna step it up :) I want to make something a bit different from what I’ve done lately (but still keep it minimal of course).
We’re having a group project so that miight be interesting (though group projects can always be a bit hard).
III. Anyway. Yeah, spring break and my little sister is visiting me! I’m gonna show her New York and just spend some quality time with her. Been looking forward to this, finally some time to just relax.
Enjoy yours :)

10:53 - 07/03/2013

Wearing these boots everyday now. Got a leopard jacket which makes me feel like someone else.
It’s not too crazy, but it’s outside of my comfort zone consisting of black, white, pale and dusty colours hah.
Jacket H&M
Shoes Wang


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