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17:26 - 30/12/2012
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I’ve taken very few outfit pictures this year, but here are some to sum up 2012 :)

I celebrated new years eve in Paris ♥♥

Still in Paris.

January – March outfits with two favourite coats.
During this time I also went to Copenhagen during fashion week.

Now, for you new readers wondering what I’ve been up to,
I’ve been living in Oslo for a long time, working at ACNE as a sales assistant and done some blogging now and then.
A good life, I do miss it sometimes :)


From a London trip in late May/June.

You know, colourful me.

Oslo in the spring/summer is amazing.

Earlier this year I applied to Parsons – and in July I got a letter saying I was accepted.
Pure joy.

Summer vacay! In july I went to Thailand.

Then, in september I moved out from my apartment in Oslo where I’ve been living the past 4 years..
Sad moment.

I moved to Manhattan, New York and began studying fashion design at Parsons.
It’s been hectic, confusing and it’s been good :)

Thanks for reading my blog :)


19:46 - 19/12/2012

Two years ago I went to a short course at Central Saint Martins. There was a girl in my class that was so talented, and we were all amazed by her.
Her name is Masha Reva, and she makes truly beautiful clothes with colorful prints. I’m usually not that into prints, but I love what she does!
This seasons she’s done a collaboration with Syndicate called Botanical Layers. You can read about it here, and the collection is sold here if you want to check it out!

09:06 - 13/12/2012

Bilde fra The High Line park. Pleide å være en jernbanelinje over bakken, men har blitt renovert til en park. Fin, spesielt om sommeren!

Everything is from ACNE, except for the tote which I got from Ingvild

21:34 - 10/12/2012

Neoprene jacket Never Denim

08:28 - 04/12/2012

Yes, always black and white.
It looks better in real life though, cause then you can actually see the texture of the jacket and that my knit underneath is dark green :)
And no, I shouldn’t wear the jacket I made, but there’s no way I can wait 4 months until I can use it!

Black jacket Weekday
White jacket Made by me
Shoes Acne

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