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13:56 - 16/04/2010



Two new things:

Grey dress. Kinda sporty. Very cool.
Yeah, I get some Alexander Wang vibe from this.

Black/White patterned trousers.


Both are from the danish brand Gestuz.


Jeg fikk tak i dem på vareprøve/lagersalget til Holzweiler.
De har merker som Gestuz, Black Lily, Dagmar osv.
Jeg var innom i går, men det er også åpent i dag til kl 18, og lørdag 11-17.
De pakker visst ut nye varer hver dag.

Ligger på grensen 8, ved bare jazz.

22:27 - 13/04/2010
THE JEAN JACKET a must-have in my spring/summer wardrobe.

I’m happy I found this one, the colour is so niice.



Jacket Flat Top (Urban stores in Norway).

Necklace Fashionology.

Bra H&M.

18:51 - 08/04/2010

Force dress


Simple LBD with bare shoulders.

Short dresses with long sleeves is so hot. But, this dress is really short short – got to find something nice to wear underneath, skirt/cycle shorts or something – as long as it doesn’t distract from the dress.

17:15 - 07/04/2010

So very hot. Looks good if you let it peek out just a little bit from underneath your top :)



From H&M

18:10 - 03/04/2010

T from the men’s section – Flat Top / Urban.

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