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19:37 - 22/03/2013


Just finished my pants project.

- Cashmere/wool blend
- Highwaisted, ankle-length, tapered
- Hidden sidepockets
- Floor length panel overlapping on the left, mid-thigh length panel on the right
Alright, spring break!

09:14 - 22/03/2013


Cardigan Acne
Bag Margiela
Dress Made by me
I. It’s spring break! but it’s not spring.. Uhh, I don’t want to wear my boring parka anymore, so instead I layer with wool on wool on wool.
II. I’ve showed you very little of my school work so far this semester, because I’m not satisfied with much of it.
After spring break I’m gonna step it up :) I want to make something a bit different from what I’ve done lately (but still keep it minimal of course).
We’re having a group project so that miight be interesting (though group projects can always be a bit hard).
III. Anyway. Yeah, spring break and my little sister is visiting me! I’m gonna show her New York and just spend some quality time with her. Been looking forward to this, finally some time to just relax.
Enjoy yours :)

08:36 - 19/03/2013


I can only think about spring break which is coming up soon, aaah. But first I have all my midterm exams and presentations this week.
Don’t have much time for blogging, but here’s a pic of me and Julien in the meanwhile.
Photo: Troy Benjamin

20:12 - 16/03/2013


Ok, this will be the last post about the fashion show.
I just want to show you a selection of looks from some of the other designers.

I Ray Natale II Ahra Go III Angela Ting He

I Peter Do II Matthew Harwoodstone

I Sebastian Bee II Emily Francis III Eun Seok Lee

I Frances Suria II Xuewei Wang
My favourite collection is made by K’luu who won the award as the best designer from FIT.
His vision and his clothes are truly beautiful, and really, the pictures don’t do them justice.
I’m excited to see what he’ll do in the future :)

09:05 - 12/03/2013


Backstage photos with my clique for the weekend, yo ♥
Wow. I’ve been receiving so much love today, and I just want to say thank you to everyone :)
Like, I know that my designs aren’t groundbreaking, but it has something to it, that I’m excited to develop further.
I just feel like this small collection is a good start. Thanks for following me on my journey haha.

Next up, I’ll post my favourite (and some other designers) who is one of my friends, but that’s not why. When you see the pictures you will know. He is amazing.